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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 6, 11:13 AM
    Image named can only be used to load images from your own applications bundle. The "name" is the file name. As you are saving to the photos album you cannot retrieve the image by "name".

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  • Vagelturf
    Oct 4, 09:46 AM
    There is a space in the market for a new kind of gadget. I'll call it the jPod. That's j for "journal".

    The jPod is the opposite of the iPod. The iPod mobilizes the sounds and images on your computer. You can take them with you for your own use or for others around you. The jPod captures the sounds and images from you and others around you and puts them on your computer.

    More here:

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  • jtara
    Apr 12, 02:22 PM
    So, does anybody KNOW how they are doing this?

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  • Patmian212
    Nov 30, 04:14 PM
    How much and what comes with it, I dont know if I am interested, this is just a feeler.

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  • illustratorDavi
    Nov 28, 03:52 PM

    Sorry this is a rookie problem

    When I upload my site using dw it uses the original images and file locations rather than the server relative addresses like this :

    <title>Untitled Document</title>
    <link href="file:///Macintosh HD/Users/David/commissions/currentwork/finals for colin debug/htmldream/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <script type="text/JavaScript">

    Is there a preference or something I should be pressing ??


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  • jiggie2g
    Oct 26, 12:19 PM
    I want full DVD resolution. I have since refused to purchase any videos or movies on itunes until I get full DVD quality picture, not crappy 4:3 VGA movies. Was not for this nonsense on Apple's part I would have had a huge collection of music videos by now.

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  • eacron
    May 3, 02:02 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    That would be a little difficult for me- I only have the one and I dont think anyone would lend me their computer for a jailbreak- people are paranoid. Do you really think my MBP is the problem?

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  • Choctaw
    Apr 6, 02:31 PM
    Thanks all for your comments. Just wanted to get some feed back.

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  • chrissurra
    Oct 24, 08:51 PM
    I will be there.

    But I keep forgetting which subway station is the closest stop to the 5th Ave store...

    The N & R are about 2 blocks away

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Jan 23, 03:16 PM
    Rosetta was created at my Uni :D

    Funny, both Apple and Transitive claim that Transitive invented (http://www.transitive.com/customers/apple.htm) it.

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  • mpw
    Sep 13, 12:44 PM
    This freaked me out also. It's an odd one.
    He has to be hiding something, right? Shifty bastard!

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  • Don't panic
    Aug 14, 02:45 PM

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  • mactechey
    Jun 20, 05:44 PM
    Planning to go to lakeside apple store? anyone else planning to go there? what time?
    I'm planning to go there by 4 am. called up lakeside, they said they might open up the doors at 7am for the center? but dont know which entrance would be open first and will people be queuing up at the main entrances?
    anyone has got any more info on this?

    hello mate , just wondering if you can tell me what the que was like when you went there , as im planning to go to lakeside on thursday morning for the iphone 4 :) , what time do you think i should get there for ?


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  • MacAddict1978
    Mar 20, 12:34 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Sony needs to make use of the already established and once popular "Walkman" name and make a real iPod competitor.

    They did bring back the Sony Walkman and it was DOA. Lots of models with no one wanting to buy them. It was a big strategy for them. Sony doesn't know how to market things anymore. Actually, Sony doesn't know how to design things anymore either.


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  • AWallen90
    May 3, 03:41 PM
    Hey guys,

    I have a powermac g4 digital audio I believe, 700 mhz processor. I also have 2 powermac g3's I believe the fastest that created. 400 mhz or something like that. I have another g4 with the 350 processor that I can test the power control which with but it would be a pain because my grandparents are using it so it would take a while to get it unhooked/dug out, they use it as a paper holder behind a desk cords and everything are ran through the desk.

    Here's my 3 questions:

    1. The Powermac g4 when you push the power button it lights up but when you release it goes out. The logicboard does not respond. Should I buy a new power control module or is there a way to use the one from the g3, it looked different at first glance.

    2. To run a home server is it better to run a g4 with the faster processor or a g3 with more ram, the g3 has 4 slots the g4 only 3.

    3. Best way to use as a media server I was thinking put everything into itunes and use the homesharing, is that available in tiger? Is that the best way to do it?

    It will be used with apple tv, macbook, powerbook, ibook, imac g5, xbox 360?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

    Here's the short version:

    1. Which powermac to use as a server?
    2. Best way to do media server?

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  • thefnshow
    Mar 5, 02:04 AM
    as long as the money was made in a legal manner...then the money should be the creator's money,not the governments...the more we give them the more they piss it away...maybe if they were to cut spending...nah now i'm just talking crazy

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  • sinsin07
    Apr 15, 06:18 PM

    You'd be in for shock if you visited the App store. Especially when it comes to the iPad.

    The only shock that would be of interest is one that provides tactile feedback. Moving characters around with virtual joystick = no joy. My iPads are good for a lot of things, gaming is just hohum, more like a sub species.;)

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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 19, 01:57 PM
    @Coleman2010 Nahh... just created this email address now. It forwards to my regular gmail. Had I worked for Cablevision, I'm sure I would have found an easier way to do this :)

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  • liljohnny51
    Mar 11, 02:48 PM
    Anyone in-line have a solid estimate on length? (or what it looks like they're doing in the store to prepare?) Thanks!

    Im on my way there right now... Ill update you when I get there.

    Dec 8, 03:24 PM
    Is your sound volume muted or low?
    - or -
    System Preferences -> Network -> Show: Internal Modem -> Modem tab -> Sound: On
    Checked this setting. It's checked next to "On". I even unchecked it and then checked it again. Nothing.

    Mar 24, 03:26 AM
    Im thinking the local PCworld, Comet or Currys might be a better bet with everyone planning on going to the retail stores?

    All depends on who has stock and how much stock they have?

    Im after the 16 or 32GB 3G

    May 1, 09:19 AM
    My money is on geohot by far no disrespect to p0sixninja but geohot is not human.

    Lol. My money would've been on comex a month ago but that didn't happen.

    Apr 15, 12:21 PM
    Nintendo is not going anywhere just yet:

    Nintendo 3DS clocks up 400,000 US sales in opening week.... (http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/15/nintendo-3ds-clocks-up-400-000-us-sales-in-opening-week-nearly/)

    Nov 11, 05:17 PM

    Original pls!


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